wood stove

I figure many of the readers of this here blog are familiar with wood heat, but perhaps that is just an assumption. Anyway, I want to mention this post I recently wrote for sustainablog about wood heat — it’s called Wood Heat Stoves: 4 Reasons You Should Consider Heating with Wood. Check it out. I […]

The Morso 1410 “Squirrel” is a sleek, small wood stove. And I’m very glad to have its company. It’s been getting a fair workout these days, and I’m happy with its performance. Here’s a little rundown on my experience with the small wood stove out of Denmark.

April and I are definitely enjoying the Morso 1410 Squirrel stove. I’m happy with the performance of the tiny stove, and it’s beautiful, too, especially when a big ol’ fire is roaring inside.We have started cooking on the Squirrel as well, and it’s proving to be very capable.

It’s done! We’ve got a fully functioning woodstove, with the stovepipe penetrating the living roof of the house, all sealed up and complete. So how did we do it? How did we send a stovepipe through the EPDM liner of our living roof?

The latest (and most urgent) house project has been installing the stovepipe for our new Morso 1410 (Squirrel) woodstove. After some careful consideration, we decided how to install the pipe. We’re about halfway through the process, but the hardest part has yet to come…