Rocket Stove

One of the exciting projects going up at the recent Natural Building Colloquium was this amazing rocket stove-style griddle oven. It’s a wood-fired griddle with barrel oven, both heated by the same fire — in this case, a downdraft fire similar to what you see in the now classic rocket mass heater design. This was […]

Although my rocket stove in Gobcobatron was an unsuccessful design (I tore it out and replaced it with a small wood stove instead), our friend Mark at Red Earth Farms built a successful and beautiful rocket stove mass heater that is hugged by a cob spiral staircase in his awesome straw bale house.  I love […]

I’ve been cooking on a rocket stove on a daily basis (except for winter) for the past three years now, and I recently broke down and splurged for a prefabricated cook stove — the StoveTec model rocket stove. Previously, my food co-op and I had been using a DIY rig that Thomas built, but my […]

A few weeks ago, I started dismantling the rocket stove, officially calling it done. I began with chipping the cob around the base of the barrel and then lifting the barrel off of the system, revealing a very blackened, sooty interior. I was surprised by the level of soot – I thought that perhaps the […]

I have officially proclaimed the rocket stove “not working”. The stove simply does not draw on days without the right wind direction/intensity. It is unreliable. Even when the wind is right, the stove takes too long to heat up (even the barrel itself!) At times, it smokes into the house, which is added frustration. Something […]