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If you’ve been following along with my “How to Build a Better Cob Oven” series — great! If you haven’t, you can catch up by reading part 1 and part 2. So far I’ve described how to site your new oven and build a shelter, how to prepare and build the foundation, install the hearth, […]

In Part 2 of my ‘Build a Better Outdoor Cob Oven’ series, you’ll learn how to build a cob arch doorway, install a chimney, prepare a sand form, and build the actual cob dome of the oven. This is where the real fun starts… Check it out below! (Need a refresher from part 1 of […]

Several years ago, I wrote about how to build (the now-infamous) $20 outdoor cob oven. That oven I built worked decently, produced a lot of delicious meals, and advanced my pizza baking fever to new heights. Since then, we’ve built several more outdoor pizza ovens, and each of them has been a great improvement upon […]

More than four years after I posted my how to build your own cob oven for $20, it is still the most popular entry on The Year of Mud. Clearly there is a big audience out there interested in building DIY backyard ovens. Gotta love that. Since building several other ovens after the original $20 […]

A Pizza Dream Comes True

by ziggy on September 2, 2014 -- 3 comments -- Follow

When I was five years old or so, I proclaimed that I wanted “to be a pizza pie man” once I grew up. That dream was rekindled in 2009 when April and I built our first outdoor cob oven, and this year we’ve successfully vended pizzas for the first time. I guess I can say […]