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For the Love of Pizza

by ziggy on April 5, 2016 -- 0 comments -- Follow

We moved to our land a mere six months ago and we’re flooded with the potential to pursue many amazing projects. Conversations in our household abound about the various building projects we want complete in the coming years, and in what sequence makes sense to try to take on these various buildings. This year, we made the […]

These past few weeks, we’ve been busy planning our Natural Building Workshops schedule. 2016 is a particularly exciting year because this is the very first time we’ll be hosting courses at our new homestead location outside Berea, Kentucky. I’ve been anticipating this day for several years now, and it’s finally happening. The Year of Mud’s […]

I’m writing from the past for the future — I should be in Vermont as you read this. I scheduled this little post to self-publish so you’d have some fun photos to look at while I’m PDCing it up during this latter part of August. Here’s a photo gallery and slideshow from our recent July […]

We’ve got some very exciting news to share with you. This fall we’ve been busy behind the scenes, organizing our first workshop for 2015 — a Straw Bale Workshop next July outside of Berea, Kentucky! We’re really happy to be teaming up with Mark Mazziotti again to offer another 7 day course on straw bale […]

Our Recent Cob Bench Creation

by ziggy on September 24, 2014 -- 0 comments -- Follow

Our recent Cob Building Workshop participants were able to build a cob bench from the foundation up, and I was very pleased with what we came up with. A cob bench is the perfect beginner cob building project, as it is simple, yet provides enough of a design challenge to be interesting and engaging. The […]