Cob Oven

For the Love of Pizza

by ziggy on April 5, 2016 -- 0 comments -- Follow

We moved to our land a mere six months ago and we’re flooded with the potential to pursue many amazing projects. Conversations in our household abound about the various building projects we want complete in the coming years, and in what sequence makes sense to try to take on these various buildings. This year, we made the […]

One of the exciting projects going up at the recent Natural Building Colloquium was this amazing rocket stove-style griddle oven. It’s a wood-fired griddle with barrel oven, both heated by the same fire — in this case, a downdraft fire similar to what you see in the now classic rocket mass heater design. This was […]

If you’ve been following along with my “How to Build a Better Cob Oven” series — great! If you haven’t, you can catch up by reading part 1 and part 2. So far I’ve described how to site your new oven and build a shelter, how to prepare and build the foundation, install the hearth, […]

In Part 2 of my ‘Build a Better Outdoor Cob Oven’ series, you’ll learn how to build a cob arch doorway, install a chimney, prepare a sand form, and build the actual cob dome of the oven. This is where the real fun starts… Check it out below! (Need a refresher from part 1 of […]

Several years ago, I wrote about how to build (the now-infamous) $20 outdoor cob oven. That oven I built worked decently, produced a lot of delicious meals, and advanced my pizza baking fever to new heights. Since then, we’ve built several more outdoor pizza ovens, and each of them has been a great improvement upon […]