Cob Building

Wow, it’s been a goodly long while since the first (and only) cob wood shed post. Much has happened since then, including the finishing of the cob walls and the reciprocal roof frame, but here’s a few older photos of things in the works.

After the Natural Building Colloquium in Eagle Point, Oregon, I traveled with Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley to their home in Coquille, OR: Cob Cottage Company. For those unawares, Ianto and Linda are two very influential cob building pioneers in North America, and authors of The Hand-Sculpted House, the number one go-to book for cob […]

The past week or so has been quite eventful. There’s been mostly positive progress, but some negative, too. Cobbing complete! With Karen’s and my dad’s help, I completed cobbing. The walls are finally done! In just a few days, the gap between the walls and the roof was closed. It was very satisfying to see […]