GobcobatronExperience Life in a Natural House During Your Dancing Rabbit Visit

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in a natural house, or if you want a little taste of what it might be like to stay in a Hobbit house, our cob house, “Gobcobatron” will be available for rent during the 2013 spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Gobcobatron is a cozy cob cottage suitable for individuals, couples, or families with young children.

This cob house has been featured in magazines and publications nation-wide, including the cover of Yes! magazine. Built by Ziggy in 2008-09, the house is recognizable for its round shape and spiraling reciprocal roof with skylight, a visual treat for occupants.

With its living roof and surrounding gardens, the house blends right into the beautiful Missouri prairie landscape.

The house features include:Cob House: Gobcobatron

  • Comfortable queen size memory foam mattress
  • Hassle-free and private — visitors have private access to their own quiet space
  • Light provided by homemade beeswax candles — get the real off-the-grid experience!
  • Centrally located within village — community building with shower facilities is within view
  • Landline telephone access available in house (BYO phone card for long distance)
  • Includes access to private outhouse
  • Supplemental sleeping cots available for extra guests
  • 200 “round” feet interior space
  • You can tell your friends you stayed in a handmade house!


Contact Ziggy for reserving the house for your visit!