Wabi-sabi Kitchen: Roundwood Timber Frame


In 2008-09, I built my first cob house at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. Now I’m working on building an electricity-free kitchen with three of my friends. Designed to serve 6-8 individuals, the kitchen will feature bale-cob walls (among other materials), a roundwood timber frame, an urbanite foundation, and other exciting materials.

On the east exterior side of the kitchen is a wide covered porch for ginpole-silhouetteoutdoor cooking in the summer. The building has a sizable greenhouse on the south side for starting seedlings and additional heat in the winter, and a west-facing balcony can be accessed from a loft above the dining area on that side of the structure.

Outdoor eating will be on the east, along with a cob oven and perhaps even a cob wall along the north border of our “warren” (plot of land) for privacy / a windbreak / aesthetics / sound protection.

Stick around to see how the Wabi-sabi kitchen will continue to take shape.