Several years ago, I wrote about how to build (the now-infamous) $20 outdoor cob oven. That oven I built worked decently, produced a lot of delicious meals, and advanced my pizza baking fever to new heights. Since then, we’ve built several more outdoor pizza ovens, and each of them has been a great improvement upon […]

This is mighty impressive roof work from Zakopane, Poland. This building specifically is a hotel in a ski resort town near the Tatra mountains. I keep going back to look at this image to wonder who had the patience to lay those wooden shingles out so beautifully and precisely.

Tool Drool

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This post (I hope) is not encouraging materialism, although it may seem mighty close. I just got my free copy of the newest (to me) Dictum tools catalog. Dictum (formerly Dick Fine Tools) is based in Germany, where they offer the topmost of the top of the line woodworking (and gardening, leather working) tools in […]

When I made my most recent continuous arm Windsor chair, I set out to take a photo every step of the way. I mostly did that, but I did miss a few. Namely, I missed a good bit of the assembly, and some of the turning. Can’t blame myself for having my hands full and […]

Now is the typical time to think back on the past year, and to try my darnedest to remember everything that has transpired. 2013 was a particularly memorable year, not unlike the others, I suppose. But this year has been pretty different in several big ways, too. Most notably, this year we decided to move […]