Off-Grid Straw Bale House Video Tour

by ziggy on September 13, 2017 -- 1 comment -- Follow

Our friend Dan Durica of Hardcore Sustainable visited us here at home in Berea, Kentucky earlier in the spring. While he was here, April gave him a tour of the off-grid straw bale house we helped friends design and build during our first two years living in the area. Dan whipped up a video tour of the house in progress, which you can watch above.

Note that the house was still not complete at the time of their visit, but you can still get a good sense of the home nevertheless. This little octagonal straw bale cabin was definitely a labor of love, featuring lumber harvested from the property, an earthbag foundation, straw bale walls with clay plaster, an earthen floor, and other groovy features. Our 2015 Straw Bale Workshop participants helped construct the walls and started the plaster work. It’s a small space, right around 300 square feet, and it’s located in the middle of the woods.

Check it out!

p.s. You can find more sweet videos at Dan’s website, located here.

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  • Dan D

    Hey Ziggy, thanks for linking to this! Hope it was accurate in representing what you all had built.

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