Our Straw Bale House in ‘Small Homes’

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small home book - lloyd kahn

Lloyd Kahn’s latest, Small Homes: The Right Size

Lloyd Kahn of Shelter fame has a new book out, titled Small Homes: The Right Size, and I feel much gratitude that our straw bale & timber frame home is featured within its pages. Lloyd’s books have been a big source of inspiration for me these past 10 years. Flipping through Shelter, Home Work, and Builders of the Pacific Coast have been powerful influences and have helped me to feel connected to the worldwide movement of folks creating beautiful, unique, hand-built homes.

Small Homes: The Book

The condensed story of the construction of our straw bale/timber frame house is nicely presented in Small Homes, with a lot of photos over four pages. Have a look for yourself below. It looks great!

small home book - lloyd kahn 02

The first two pages documenting our straw bale & timber frame home

I haven’t had a lot of quality time with the book just yet, but I like what I’ve seen so far. Even just a few minutes of flipping has me salivating at the prospect of building another house… building is addictive! It really activates all of your creative energy. Building a home is a truly demanding endeavor that has totally pushed my limits, and it’s a constant learning process. I love honing new skills.

small home book - lloyd kahn 03

…and pages 3 and 4

It’s also really great to have something physical like this book to show Hazel once he’s a little older, and tell him ‘look what your crazy mom and dad did in that ecovillage they used to live in!’ I hope Small Homes and Lloyd’s other books are a source of inspiration for him in his own future endeavors.

Hazel and Small Homes Book

Hazel takes a peek at Small Homes

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