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Clear Creek Road

This is Clear Creek, the valley we now call home

Last month, Scott Mann of The Permaculture Podcast came to our neighborhood to re-visit the community here on Clear Creek, the place we now call home just outside Berea, Kentucky. Last summer, he came for a visit to record a podcast and he had such a positive experience that he decided to make another trip. During his initial visit I was in Vermont attending a Permaculture Design Course, ironically enough.

My Journey in the Natural Building World

However, during this most recent visit I was able to participate in the roundtable discussion that ultimately found its way into his newest episode. If you want to hear me talk about some of my experiences with natural building, how I got involved with cob 9 years ago, and my journey in the natural building world since the construction my first cob house, give it a listen. I chime in around minute 7:20. And oh lord, I forgot how difficult it is to hear your own voice…

Well, click here to give the radio show a listen! It’s a good chance to hear from some of the other great community members that are a part of this lovely community in and around Berea as well.

p.s. By the way, the baby you hear in the background is Hazel… April didn’t have a chance to chime in because she was occupied bouncing him up and down. Hazel insisted the best time to be farting was while I was trying to concentrate and talk, haha. 🙂

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