Our Future Cob Stomper is Here

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Baby Hazel

Our new baby boy

The day after I wrote the last blog entry, April went into labor. And on Saturday, March 5 April gave birth to our baby boy. (It was the actual due date, believe it or not). His name is Hazel Elliot and he’s a healthy 8 lbs., 2 oz. with a nice ol’ patch of dark hair. I fell immediately in love with this mushy little baby.

April was in labor for an astonishing 83 hours, which has definitely secured her for the world’s strongest lady in my book. She has inspired me in a whole new way, and I’m still reeling from the experience. (And I’m trying not to complain too openly about my sore back given all that she went through to bring this little fellow into the world.)

We’re all at home now, settling into new life patterns and routines, and I’m just so incredibly thankful that everyone is safe and healthy. I think this little boy is going to be a great source of joy for us, and not to mention… a good wood chopping, cob stomping, veggie planting helper one day. You know this little guy will definitely be encouraged to play in the mud.

Walking with Hazel

Taking a land walk with Hazel in the oh-so fashionable carrier ( and that’s a sheep skull I found, I think)

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