New Year of Mud Newsletter! Sign Up for Special Workshop Offer

By April 29, 2015Uncategorized

NewsChanging the newsletter service for The Year of Mud has been on my agenda for months. The past two weeks, I finally took the time to hunker down and make the switch from Feedblitz to Sendy. What that means for you is… no more ads embedded in emails, the signup process is much easier, and if I’ve got everything figured properly, the new email template should be easily viewable on your tablet, phone, or whatever crazy technology you do your newsletter reading on. I’m happy with how the first couple of newsletters have turned out. It’s actually a little more work for me, but this latest edition of the newsletter is so much more improved that it’s worth the extra effort.

To celebrate, I’d like to make a special offer to readers. In next week’s newsletter, I’ll include this special w0rkshop offer for subscribers to the list. If you want to be privy to that, please consider signing up!

See that signup form in the right column? All you need to do is fill it out and hit send. Super simple. I also have a dedicated page where you can sign up for the newsletter. You will be automatically added to the list. Why don’t you join in? Thanks for reading, as always.