The Finished Product: Lake Naconiche Timber Frame Pavilion

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Nacogdoches Pavilion

The pavilion in Nacogdoches, almost completely raised and shining in the morning sun

If you’ve been following my updates about the Timber Framers Guild workshop in Nacogdoches, Texas, you’ve seen images from all the other stages of the timber frame pavilion construction — layout, cutting, and assembly. Here are my favorite images from the trip: the finished frame in all of its glory! The raising was very successful; it was safe, seamless, and the rain held out just long enough for us to get all of the main pieces up in the air. Check out the results here. The compound roof is stunning.

Finished Pavilion: Timber Frame Construction Images

I’ll let the photos below do most of the talking. Raising day was a lot of fun, and the giant crane certainly made it easier on everyone involved. It was almost too easy.

Timber Frame Raising with Crane 02

The first bent is slowly lowered into position

Crane Hand Signals

Hand signaling the crane operator ensures the bent is positioned exactly where it needs to be

Timber Framers Guild Pavilion Raising

With multiple bents up, the structure is now rigid and secure

Purlin Dropped Into Position

A large purlin is lifted and brought into position

There are a whole bunch of fun angles in the compound hip roof. All of that crazy layout finally made sense once the pieces were assembled and in the air. It was a kind of “a-ha!” moment, finally being able to see how the angles work together to create a flat roof plane.

Lake Naconiche Timber Frame

The frame feels big again once it’s up in position

Timber Frame Construction

Getting ready to set another purlin into position

Timber Framing a Pavilion

Reach for it…

Sawing Timber Pegs

Trimming pegs to a final length

Timber Frame Compound Roof 01

Love those angles!

Timber Frame Compound Roof 02

It’s a beauty…

The quality of the work is very high, as these photos demonstrate. Check out how well-fitting all of that joinery is. Just lovely stuff.

Timber Frame Joinery 01

Not a gap to be seen here!

Timber Frame King Post Truss

A good look at the stout king post truss

Compound Angles and Joinery

I love how well these compound angles came together…. the power of good layout in action here

Compound Joinery

Note the compound angles… perfectly snug!

Finished Frame

The finished frame (minus a few purlins) in all of its glory

There you have it — the completed Lake Naconiche pavilion.

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