Do You Have WordPress Technical Experience?

by ziggy on January 26, 2014 -- 0 comments -- Follow

Wordpress LogoUpdate: Thanks for all the many offers of assistance! Things are now under control.

The Year of Mud website is needing somewhat advanced technical work, more than I can currently provide. After years of using the software, I know some of my way around fairly well, but an issue is at stake that could use a code-savvy individual to get in and clean up some stuff. Are you that person? Do you have WordPress technical experience? Spam links have been embedded in the background of some of the pages, and the result is that this website’s ranking on Google is suffering. Yikes.

I would appreciate any help that can be provided. Perhaps we can work something out. The results will be for the better of the site and its readers. Please contact me if you think you can possibly be of assistance! Thanks!

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