Live Edge Siding: “It Sings”

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Straw Bale House: Live Edge Siding

Our recent live edge siding job on the north porch… here’s the west view

I’ve been meaning to put up some images of our completed live edge siding job for a long, long time now… so here they are. Finally! An individual walking by the other day commented on the siding, saying “it sings”… a sweet compliment, I thought. I would agree. I just love the stuff. The grain, color, curves, and contrast with the plaster on the other parts of the house are very pleasing. I have no doubt we’ll feature more live edge siding in future building projects.

Live Edge Siding

We had our siding boards sawn by an Amish fellow in the area. The wood looked great right off the bandsaw, but once we sent it through a 12″ portable planer, it look even better. Planing the wood was worth all the time, effort, and noise. Even better was once we put a coat of Exterior grade Heritage Natural Finish… wowee. If this color holds up, that’ll be quite swell. I do wonder how the wood will age over time.

Straw Bale House: Live Edge Siding Detail

A closer look at the white oak siding

We lapped the boards a minimum of two inches, but three inches was more common. It really just depended on the previous board and how irregular the boards were.


Live Edge Siding: Timber Frame House

A look at the contrast between siding and lime plaster

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