Pizza… and More Cob Oven Workshop Photos

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Outdoor Pizza Oven: Fresh Pizza

A particularly bubbly pizza gets topped with fresh basil during our pizza party

Our latest group of Cob Oven Workshop students departed last week with full bellies, new oven building skills, and with a greater glimpse of life in an intentional community. These 3 day workshops are very fun for us, and I foresee planning more for the future. Can we pull off doing a few in 2014? I sure hope so…

Each time we build another cob oven, I learn something new. The same applies to when we go to actually use the oven, as well. Our pizza is slightly improving every time. Mmm..

Cob Oven Workshop: The Year of Mud

Our oven builder crew, minus one — they were a great group

Cob Oven Workshop: Cob Oven Building

The students build up and shape the sand form

Cob Oven Arch Doorway

Showing off the arch doorway and climbing  lizard sculpture

Cob Oven Workshop: Mixing Cob

Dancing on the worksite: welcome and encouraged!

Outdoor Cob Oven Workshop

Students add a personal touch to the fresh oven plaster

Outdoor Pizza Oven: Pizza Toppings Spread

Our pizza toppings spread… including homemade cheese and sauce, and homegrown veggies

Outdoor Cob Oven: Loading Pizza

About to slide a pizza into the oven

Outdoor Cob Oven: Pesto Pizza

Sliding a pesto pizza out of the oven with a peel

Blueberry Pizza Recipe

One of our sweet “pizzas”, if you can call it that: dough brushed with butter, topped with blueberries, goat cheese, and honey. Mmm…

Just one more workshop to go, and it too is now full! Keep an eye on our Natural Building Workshops to see what we have in store for 2014.

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