Minka: Short Film about Restoring Ancient Japanese Farmhouse

by ziggy on October 1, 2013 -- 2 comments -- Follow

While on the subject of the minka, or traditional Japanese farmhouse for a hot a minute, here is a fantastic short film & documentary simply titled Minka, describing the restoration of John Roderick’s well-known home in Japan. The restoration of the ancient farmhouse was led by the young and beginner (at the time) architect Yoshihiro Takishita.

This is a fantastic short film, not for just the story of the challenging re-construction of the minka, but the beautiful friendship between John Roderick and Yoshihiro Takishita himself. Very inspiring stuff. The short synopsis says it nicely: “A film about place and memory, a farmhouse in Japan, and the lives of the people who called it home.”


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  • Kari

    Thank you so much. That was a beautiful and moving film. What a lovely tribute to two interesting people.

  • Dan

    That was beautiful, thank you

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