Like Icing on a Cake: Applying Finish Clay Plaster

by ziggy on September 24, 2013 -- 2 comments -- Follow

Cob Oven - Clay Plaster

Applying the finish clay plaster to our cob oven

Busy busy busy. It seems like the story of our lives doesn’t change very much. I have lots of catching up to do. But as I sit here and avoid work for a mere moment, let me share this recent photo of our finish clay plaster application to our outdoor cob oven. Smooth clay plaster looks amazing, but I think it looks its finest right after it goes on. It’s like literally putting icing on your walls (or oven, or whatever you happen to be plastering). Love it. One day, I’d love to get some more serious training on how to do clay plaster on an expert level.

I hope to have a brandy new outdoor cob oven how-to written up soon, not to mention make a few updates about the state of Strawtron, our straw bale house we’ve been chugging away on. We also have other big news coming down the pipes. Keep posted, as always.

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  • “One day, I’d love to get some more serious training on how to do clay plaster on an expert level.”

    I love this,I have had this feeling SO many times ,and here you are totally nailing it,and making cutting edge Oven decisions ,and still you long for more! Knowing you will write the BOOK on it(another!)and wanting it not to be all foolish mistakes!
    AS a rebuild old cob ovens,with Kids,and we run in to vermiculite,and I have to don a mask and kick the kids off the job for a while,I reflect on this,and how many ways we can BETTER and BETTER or Cobifications,or Mud rambling ,until we rock it even nicer! Thank you for your humble approach its refreshing!
    Nicolas Morris ,Beginning cob student of 14 years.

  • moderators please correct
    as I rebuild old….
    Better and Better OUR cobifications

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