Our Inaugural Cob Oven Workshop: Mud, Fire, and Fun!

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Cob Oven Bread

Baked bread fresh from the cob oven

A few short days ago, our first Cob Oven Workshop came to an end. The workshop was filled with mud, fire, and a whole lot of fun. Thankfully, our participants agreed! Folks got down and dirty as we built an oven from the hearth upwards. We learned all about how to make a good batch of cob, using natural and recycled materials effectively, plastering, how to fire an oven and make good use of the ample heat it provides, and lots more. We sure did eat extremely well, too.

Here are a few nice testimonials from just a couple of our lovely people from the inaugural workshop:

Cob Oven Workshop Testimonials

“I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed my time in the workshop, at DR and with you and April and the other workshop attendees. Seems like I’ve been talking about it non-stop since I left there. Not only did I learn a lot about cob, but I feel like I learned about many other things as well.”

Cob Oven Workshop - The Year of Mud 01

Students form a cob arch doorway

“We have talked nonstop about the workshop. It was GREAT! We learned a lot and are really inspired. I think that anytime I want to learn something I will start with a workshop… I am recommending your workshop to everyone.”

Cob Oven Workshop - The Year of Mud 02

Shaping the sand form

It is very rewarding to work with other people in the workshop setting. The group energy, the focused project, the atmosphere… everything adds up to a great experience. I look forward to teaching more in the future.

Cob Oven Workshop - The Year of Mud 03

Building up the cob dome

But for now, we have a lot of leftovers to eat before our next class….

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  • JT Croteau

    Awesome times, glad everyone enjoyed themselves. I can’t wait to visit Dancing Rabbit.

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