If Some One Offers You a Drill, Take It (Timber Frame Photo Update)

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Roundwood timber frame

Students take on roundwood timber framing this year

Recently, one of the timber frame participants wisely said: ‘if some one offers you a drill, take it.’ I think this quote has wide application, and plan on remembering it. Our instructor Tom Cundiff says he prefers to teach students with minimal or no experience with working wood or timber framing. In his view, those individuals are more open to being taught and absorbing new information. If some one already thinks they have the answer, it can be harder to teach something new or different.

The students this year are doing a great job thus far. Most have had zero or little timber framing & carpentry experience, but it’s amazing how quickly people catch on in a workshop setting. It’s really fun to witness that. The sponge effect is definitely happening. It’s also interesting to see the evolution of understanding — how experiencing different parts of the timber framing procedure gradually create a more fully formed image and understanding. All of a sudden you’ll see that “a-ha!” moment. I know I’ve felt that myself, too.

Well, here are a few images from the first four days of the workshop. I think some of the first material will go vertical today!

Chiseling - Timber Frame Joinery

Chiseling down some material on a scarf joint

Mortise - Timber Frame Joinery

Cleaning out a mortise

Boring Mortises

Boring holes for a mortise in roundwood

Scarff joint

Scarf joint coming along nicely

Timber Frame Pegs

Nice pegs from white oak


Hand Planing

Rae hand planes a seat on a beam for a post

Timber Carriers

Plenty of lifting, but hopefully only when necessary!

Finished Scarf Joint

The students are producing some nice joinery work

Rough Timber Assembly

Rough assembly of a wall section, and getting ready for brace layout

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  • It was great being part of the workshop. You sure know how to throw one!

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