You Call That a Roof?

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Recycled Boat Roof Shed

A boat for a roof. By Alex Holland.

Rain may not fall on one roof alone, but strangeness just might. I’ve occasionally heard stories and seen images of the, well, unique items that eventually become the recycled roof of a home or shed. I was amused by the above image, a shed built by Alex Holland in Machynlleth, Wales, which features an upturned 100 year old boat as a rooftop, as one great example.

Strange Recycled Roofs…

You know… I guess if Ernest Shackleton‘s hardy crew of sailors and adventurers survived for weeks camped out under a rotting boat in the Antarctic (yes, literally), maybe there is something to be said of old wooden boats and their ability to shelter, ya know? Apparently, Holland’s upturned boat shed won a prize for best unique shed, and best shed overall across the U.K. from a possible 1900 little buildings. Who knew they had a prize for these things? The shed has seen use as both a kitchen, and a space for creating set lists for music gigs. I see…

Speaking of strange kitchens, here is an image of a building I have some responsibility for. A group of friends and I built this kitchen together several years ago, for use as a “temporary” outdoor kitchen. It features an old truck topper. Which is definitely not a 100 year old boat. Leaks were not uncommon here.

Truck Topper Roof - Outdoor Kitchen

The red (truck topper) roof inn…

Though it leaked, the light inside was pretty great. Not only that, you could pop open what would be the back window, which was extremely handy since we cooked with wood, and smoke could vent itself out very easily. Overall, it would have been a better roof if the topper itself were a little less crappy, and if we didn’t have a weird joint where the topper met with a strange little metal roof extension… too many joints. But still, I loved this little building. It made for a great cooking atmosphere… some strange things sure did happen in that space…

Recycled Roof - Outdoor Kitchen

Just another cook shift…

Do you have any favorite recycled roofs?

Image source: Alex Holland’s shed on

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