The Roundwood Timber Frame: Coming Soon

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Roundwood Timber Frame House

Coming soon!

In less than a month, we’ll be fearlessly led by our maestro Tom Cundiff in assembling the beautiful timber frame that you see above during our 10 day workshop. This is going to be a particularly slick design, and rather unique for several of its features. The foundation plan is highly irregular — read: non-square, also read: organic, wild and crazy, funky. It’s a small structure, about 300 square feet in size, and a great learning model for folks interested in small house living.

The 2013 Timber Frame House Design

We will, of course, be using mostly roundwood in the construction of the home. The whole structure screams funk, as it will be a showcase for natural, curvy timbers and wood joinery. There are few things more beautiful than seeing the joinery come together in a timber frame, and roundwood joinery is particularly exciting to witness.

As you can see in the 3D plan, the house has abundant roof overhang and porch space, a feature I particularly like. Ample roof and porch space is an excellent way to extend your living space, space that is particularly useful in the warmer months. Those features double as great ways to protect walls from the elements — a critical feature here in northeast Missouri, where horizontal rain is not uncommon.

The building also has a loft, to make good use of the pitch of the roof, and a greenhouse will be a welcome feature later in the construction.

All in all, this will be a rather unique structure, and I look forward to seeing it come together during the Timber Frame Workshop!

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