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by ziggy on June 28, 2013 -- 1 comment -- Follow

Cob House - Living Green Roof

Could it nearly be July already? Good gracious. Half the year is gone. Well, so it goes. Here’s a photo of Gobcobatron as of a couple weeks ago, during one of my favorite times of year for the little cob house — right at that time when mud is not so prevalent, and the sky begins to get a little bluer, and the grass on the living roof really comes into its own. The garden, though not mature at this point, shows signs of abundance to come. Ah yes… these are the little moments during the year that I enjoy the most.

Well, have a good weekend, doing whatever you may do.

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  • JT Croteau

    It may be July but it sure isn’t October yet. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of October so I can return to my land in Missouri and visit Dancing Rabbit while I am there.

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