Now It’s On (Or About To Be): Live Edge Siding Arrives

by ziggy on June 20, 2013 -- 1 comment -- Follow

Live Edge Wood Siding

Live edge siding from white oak… mmm…

Wow, our Amish sawyer really pulled through. He gave us a call a whole three days after our visit to let us know he had completed sawing up the white oak live edge siding we had requested. Amazing! And he did quite the job, too. The wood looks great. The quality of the material is high, the sawing is very clean and accurate, and I am super jazzed to finally have the material in my possession.

The above photo is just a tease for now. We are planing the boards, and oiling both side before we install them. The planing is loud, tedious, and slow, but it results in a lot less oil usage. And that Land Ark stuff, lovely as it is, is rather expensive. The wood itself is very nice as-is, since it was cut on a bandsaw — but once it is run through the planer and oiled, my goodness… it is more like furniture than something to slap on the side of our porch.

Well, it should look good. I am officially excited. More photos soon, hopefully.

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  • JT Croteau

    Beautiful, I can’t wait to see it installed when I visit in October.

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