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Cob House - New Interior Design

The latest look of Gobcobatron

Our work on updating the interior of our cob house, Gobcobatron is finally complete! I think this latest design might be my favorite so far… although of course it’s so exciting just because it is “new”, too. We changed things around to make it an even more appropriate and better place to stay for renters and people who come stay for weekends. I think they are in for a treat

Ready to Rent

Gobcobatron is officially a three seasons dwelling. We will no longer use it in the wintertime, when it is too cold and does not perform well enough. If you can remember, we have had some difficulties over our three winters in the house here in cold northeastern Missouri, and decided that the house would be best suited to spring, summer, and fall living, when it is comfortable, and does not require any heat, which has spawned a number of issues in the past… (Here’s my post about why cob is not appropriate for cold climates.)

A New Bed Frame

So, the wood stove is out, freeing up some space, and the bed frame is remade to accommodate a queen size mattress. It’s also way easier to get in and out of, now that it’s not pushed against the wall. I could tell you… I was getting really weary of literally climbing in and out sometimes…

Handmade Bed Frame

New bed frame with black walnut headboard

I think the actual construction of this bed frame is much better than the last, too. I used some tricks I learned working with Greg in Tennessee. The corner posts are leftover brace stock (oak) from our timber frame house, and the head board is planed and oiled black walnut… mmm… one of my favorite woods.

Cleaning Up & Oiling a Terracotta Tile Floor

Other than that, we re-grouted the tile floor and finally got around to oiling it. We decided to use Land Ark’s (or Heritage Natural Finishes) concentrated finishing oil to seal the terracotta tiles and earthen grout. The tiles soaked two coats right up. Hopefully the grout is a bit more durable now that it is sealed and hardened a bit.

Of course there was dusting, of which there was much to do in the rafters… wow, talk about a disadvantage of having a really funky, non-flat ceiling. The dust stores up there were rich, I must say.

We also put another two coats of lime wash over the lime plaster on the bottom half of the walls. It’s amazing just how white a new coat of wash will make the walls. It was really amazing, and helped clean up the place, too.

Experience A Cob House For Yourself

If you have any interest in living in a cob house, we would love to have you here to experience life in Gobcobatron. Come for a weekend, or even just a night if you are passing through the area, or take one of our Natural Building Workshops and stay in the house while you are here. Get in touch!


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  • Carroll

    It’s very, very nice but, don’t cut out winter. Winters are a good time for lovers to escape and enjoy a beautiful setting. Look to alternative heating ideas that won’t take up much space and involve the couple working together……or……the man can do it by himself while his lovely retires in bed with a glass of wine. Watching him and thanking the stars for a guy like him. I’m a man and if I had her there thinking that then I too, would be thanking the stars…….

  • Sammi

    I am in Northwest Missouri and would love to learn how to do this! Do you know of any somewhat local opportunities that would allow me to learn to build myself from cob?

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