What a Studley Tool Chest… and More Woodworking Hand Tool Candy

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H.O. Studley Tool Chest

The infamous (and absolutely gorgeous) H.O. Studley Tool Chest

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Moving on… In just a couple of short weekends, Handworks in Amana, Iowa is happening. Handworks (May 24-25) is a sweet little two day woodworking hand tool festival, with a bunch of companies turning out to show off their stuff, providing a good excuse for woodworkers and tool mongers to talk even more about sharp edged things.

Amana, the host town of the event, sounds like a really sweet place in and of itself. Check out this blog post from Benchcrafted about the Amana experience. What a sweet town! They’ve got a functional woolen mill, a smokehouse that’s been in business since 1855, a blacksmith shop, and lots of other cool stuff. Not to mention, the town doesn’t allow chain stores to open up shop in town — that sounds like my kind of place.

The other notable event during the Handworks weekend is a presentation about the now infamous H.O. Studley tool chest, pictured above. Unfortunately, the tool chest itself is on display elsewhere and won’t be viewable, but tool geek Chris Schwarz and Don Williams will be talking in-depth about the design of the chest.

We’re planning on being there, and I suggest you should, too, if you are close enough! The event is free, and there’s even door prizes.


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