Stunning Timber Reciprocal Roof Frame Design

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Timber Frame Reciprocal Roof

Amazing timber frame and reciprocal roof

Wow. This is gorgeous. I like catching wind of different reciprocal roof designs, and this one is mighty impressive. Designed and built by Fire Tower Engineered Timber, this reciprocal roof is part of an Episcopal Church construction on Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota. The dimensions are… massive. Read below for details.

From Fire Tower’s image album come these brief details:

This project, located in Cannon Ball, ND, is an Episcopal Church on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The timber framer is Empire Timber Works, based out of Mandan. The church, in a cruciform shape, has a center area form reminiscent of a teepee. It is framed with 12 reciprocal rafters representing the 12 apostles. The principal rafters are 8x18x36’ Douglas fir, provided by Reliance Specialty Building Projects. Additional purlins between the rafters have yet to be installed, but are laid out in plan using a geometric spiral.

8×18 timbers… 36 feet long? Wow.

Hopefully more images will go up as progress continues on this incredible reciprocal roof. What a huge span!

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  • 🙂 🙂 NICE…real nice…thanks for sharing…;)

  • I wonder if there is any energetic difference between a clockwise vs. a counterclockwise spiral?

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