Non-Electric, Hand Crank KitchenAid Mixer

by ziggy on February 9, 2013 -- 2 comments -- Follow

Hand Crank Mixer

An Amish-made hand crank KitchenAid mixer

I just have to share this, since I’m a big fan of non-electric and hand crank kitchen tools and equipment. We came across this hand crank KitchenAid mixer on a recent trip to Kentucky. Check out that cadillac. This is a customized KitchenAid, modified by the Amish — the electric guts have been removed and replaced.

I love that you can adjust the speed by simply shortening or lengthening the handle. Very slick and simple. This thing is definitely out of my own price range ($400+, yikes), but dang if it isn’t neat. I’m assuming you can make butter in it really nicely, too — much better than a small antique butter churn because the KitchenAid sits so rock solidly on your countertop.

Anyway, there ya have it. Dream on, off-grid folks.

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