FS: Swedish Hook (Spoon) Knives

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Mora Spoon Knife

Mora Spoon Knives for sale

UPDATE: Sold! Thank you!

Okay, I normally do not post items for sale here, but why not. Are you interested? Post a comment or contact me and the first one gets them! Read ahead for more.

For sale: a Mora 162 Hook (Spoon) Knife and 163 Hook Knife, made in Sweden. Made for carving spoons, cups, bowls, etc. Tang of the knife extends completely through the handle. Both knives have a double bevel for both right-handed and left-handed users as it allows for both push or pull cuts with either hand. Good entry level knives.

Mora 162 Spoon Knife

Mora 162 (Medium Curve)

Mora 162 (Medium Curve): Overall length approximately 6 1/4″, $25, almost never used, $6 for shipping.

Mora 163 Spoon Knife

Mora 163 (Deep Curve)

Mora 163 (Deep Curve): Overall length approx. 7″, $25, new, $6 for shipping.

These are normally $30 new elsewhere. Buy both for $50 and keep the shipping at $6 for the pair.

Thank you.

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  • Windy

    Hello! Do you still have the spoon knives or are they already spoken for? I am looking for some entry level knives….I may be interested.


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