(More) Sweet Hobbit House Pictures From The Hobbit Set

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Hobbit House 007

Well, I’ve got a good excuse to post more Hobbit house pictures from The Hobbit set, so I’m going to go ahead and do it. They’re just so pretty to look at… I just love all the little details. Anyway, reader Jamie Morgan messaged me with some information after visiting the location in New Zealand. Read ahead for more pictures — and yes, the new sets have real building elements (and not just gross foam).

Here’s Jamie’s report:

Hi!  Just catching up on the blog again and saw your post about the hobbit holes on the Alexander farm in Matamata.  I’ve been to the site a couple of times, as a tourist, pre-Hobbit-filming.  Originally, they were just plywood faces with polystyrene foam details, which were all removed after the Lord of the Rings shoot – back in about 2002 or so.  (Both because of contractual obligations, and because the sheep were eating the styrofoam.)  However, it is my understanding that the new sets are permanent additions, and are done as much as possible with real materials.  The Green Dragon pub, on site, is actually a working pub, and is open for business!

Well, sweet. Now if someone could figure out how much is real, and if any of the beautiful carpentry is legit. Oh yea.

Hobbit House 006

Sweet, rolling hills… and hobbit holes…

Hobbit House 005

Check out that mailbox… and great weathered paint job

Hobbit House 004

Is the thatch real? Sure passes for it…

Hobbit House 003

That chair is a bit squat, huh?

Hobbit House 002

Note the chimneys

Hobbit House 001

Nice sheltered entrance

Hobbit House 000

Check out the carvings in the posts

See more Hobbit house pictures in my first post, too!

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Image credit: All images from http://hobbithouses.tumblr.com/

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  • Laura

    Looks like you and SunGee posted about Hobbiton on the same day. Awesome! Check out her blog…I follow your blogs as I visited DR and Sandhill a loooooong time ago when my friend Sol was living there. I’m trying to remember back and when I first started visiting, the Timberframe was being built/finished and most folks were living in the double wide trailer! You all have made so much progress since then!

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