Windsor Chair Milk Paint Job Complete

by ziggy on January 17, 2013 -- 7 comments -- Follow

Windsor Chair

Finished Windsor chair with milk paint and oil finish

Wow, I can finally claim that the Windsor chair I have been working on is… 100% done. In fact, I’m sitting on it as I type this. What a great feeling! (For my rear end, and my morale!)

Here’s a few photos of the final milk paint job. I’m really digging the bayberry green color.

Windsor Chair

Buffing the chair before applying oil finish

The chair received two coats of red, and another two coats of green. The idea is that the red paint peeks through and adds a lot of character to the finish, almost making the chair look older than it is. After the final green coat was dry, I spent some good time buffing the chair with steel wool. Check out the above picture for the effect — buffing smooths and shines the surface, and brings the red base coat out.

Windsor Chair

Applying linseed oil & varnish finish

Once the buffing was complete, I applied linseed oil and varnish (with thinner) to the chair, and wiped it carefully to avoid leaving shiny spots anywhere on the surface. Besides the smell, this was definitely the best part…

Windsor Chair

The red base coat peeks through the final green coat

And that was it! You could see in this shot how that red just somewhat peeks through the green. It’s a great effect.

Windsor Chair Finished


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  • Jay C. White Cloud

    Hey Ziggy,

    That is beautiful!!! Did you put an oil/wax final coat? It looks to have a fine luster to it.



  • Jay C. White Cloud

    Sorry, did get to read the whole post first time. Have you tried the “landark,” yet?

  • Arkady

    I think you mean “voilà”, not viola – the chair very little resembles a stringed instrument. 😉

    (Though I do wonder how a violin or viola would take a similar treatment….)

  • Arkaday: Haha, noted.

    Jay: I’ve only used their endsealer, which I really liked. What have you used of their stuff?

  • Jay C. White Cloud

    Happy Weekend Ziggy,

    We buy it in it’s unmixed formula by the 50 gal barrel, if that is any indication of what we use it on…everything. We cut it with citrus oil or in some cases other products. I have used it for over 20 years and it is my go to finish for everything wood (and stone sometimes,) from fresh off the mill siding to kitchen tables, you name it…just love the stuff. 😉

    Regards, jay

  • Rich

    Hey Brian,
    Love the chair and paint job. You are a master. Keep up the good work. Rich

  • Oh wow, the final product is gorgeous! It makes me want to build a chair or at least paint one!

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