Windsor Chair Carving Complete!

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Windsor Chair Hoop Back

Windsor chair… complete!

Many hours later, and my first chairmaking project is complete — check out these pictures of my hoop back Windsor chair. April and I have been visiting Greg in his timber frame shop here in Hendersonville, TN for several weeks now, making steady progress on our chairs under Greg’s expert guidance. It has been really, really fun, and it is thrilling to see the (almost) complete product. All that is left is painting the chair (with traditional milk paint, of course).

Check out these photos of the Windsor chair!

My Windsor Chair

Carving the Windsor chair has been excellent hand tool practice, and it was great fun to try out some unfamiliar and little-used tools. It has definitely inspired me to pursue other woodworking and carving projects that I often do not take the time to pursue. Right now I am working on carving some spoons, and today we also tried turning rolling pins on the lathe.

Windsor Chair

Sturdy… comfortable… timeless.

This Windsor chair has white oak spindles (the least fun part, to be honest), a pine seat (the most fun), and maple legs and stretchers. It really is a comfortable chair, and extremely sturdy. I’m excited at the thought of having this chair until the day I die, and passing it on to family or friends for many more years after that.

Windsor Chair Seat

Comfy carved seat

Windsor Chair Spindles

Spindles are glued and wedged in hoop

If you and interested in learning how to make traditional Windsor chairs, Greg offers classes in his shop in Hendersonville, TN. He’s very knowledgeable and a great teacher. Check him out!

Windsor Chair Finished

Oh yea… time to sit down and enjoy it.

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