Chairmaking Photos From Greg’s Shop

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Windsor Chairs

Two of Greg’s miniature Windsor chair samples

We’ve really been enjoying ourselves at Greg Pennington‘s shop and trying our hand at chairmaking. Greg’s been giving us a lot of great instruction and tips along the way. What a pleasurable workshop to create in! (See Greg’s timber frame shop interior here, if you missed it.)

Here are a few photos from the past couple of afternoons of our chairmaking adventures. My recent highlight: carving the seat blank with some new (to me) tools, including a scorp and some really well-made spokeshaves. That pine sure is like butter…

Shaving Horse Design

Very sweet shaving horse design with great locking head and slick live edge board

Shaving Spindles

Shaving down spindles from white oak wood

Chairmaking workshop

Bending the hoop around a template to dry

Windsor Chair Seat

Roughing out the chair seat from pine blank


Really enjoying this great work table!

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