Sweet Hobbit House Pictures From The Hobbit Set

by ziggy on December 14, 2012 -- 3 comments -- Follow

Hobbit House

The quintessential dream house

I really enjoyed stumbling upon this tumblr page dedicated to a boatload full of pictures from The Hobbit movie, specifically of hobbit houses from the Shire set. The close-up captures are great — all the little construction details are really quite stunning. I only wish… well, that they were real. I know that sounds really dumb, but it pains me to know that it’s probably mostly a bunch of nasty foam we’re seeing, and not actual carpentry, living roofs, and really cool brick work. Oh well…. but the hobbit house pictures are really quite inspiring, nevertheless

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Hobbit House 2

Hobbit House 3

Hobbit House 4

Hobbit House 5

hobbit house 07

hobbit set picture

hobbit house 09

hobbit house 11

hobbit house 10

hobbit house 12

hobbit house 13

hobbit house 06

See more Hobbit house pictures in my follow-up post!

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Photo source: hobbithouses.tumblr.com

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  • Jack

    Ziggy, The first set houses are still standing form the first movies. Pretty obvious they stripped all the dressing off but the structures have stood up to use.

  • Joe

    Why could you not get a group of folks togather to build a village like this- the 1st step is to start

  • dax

    according to the making of the hobbit, the new town IS real. They made the whole thing with stone, wood, etc… just as it looks, then donated it to be a park.

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