Gränsfors Bruks Axe Sale and Discount… Oh yea.

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Gränsfors Bruks Axes

Save on one of these elusive Gransfors axes….

If you’ve ever scoured the internet for Gränsfors Bruks axes, you’ve probably noticed that there really aren’t any sales or deals out there… or are there? Yesterday, I was happy to find a nice little discount code for Gränsfors axes through Wood Trekker for Omaha Knife.

Save 10% off a Gränsfors Axe

The discount code to save 10% off your Gränsfors axe of choice is: woodtrekker. Try it out! You have to create an account to actually use the code to see what you will save. Thank you, Wood Trekker and Omaha Knife.

Of course I have no idea why I was searching for Gränsfors axes (again), because it’s not like I am going to buy one… oh well. And in case you were wondering, the two pictured above are the Hunters Axe (larger), and the Small Forest Axe (smaller).

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