Greg’s Beautiful Timber Frame Shop

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Greg's Timber Frame Shop

A great space to create…

We’ve recently had the pleasure of spending time with Greg Pennington in his lovely timber frame shop, here in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Greg is a chairmaker and woodworker, and makes and sells some beautiful handmade Windsor chairs. He works with hand tools and creates some really beautiful work, in addition to teaching others how to work wood with hand tools.

The above photo shows the spacious interior of the workshop (and the shavings we produced the other day, working on our own chairs under his guidance). It really is a great space for creating work. You cannot underestimate how the feel and quality of a space affects your creativity and general level of enjoyment while working.

I’m happy that Greg has been so generous in his offer to teach us some chairmaking, and for the use of his space and tools while we are here in Hendersonville. Wow!

Be sure to visit Greg’s Windsor chair website here. And below is a video documenting the construction of Greg’s timber frame workshop. Check back again for more photos and updates about our chairmaking exploits.

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