Design Your Deck With Rot Resistant Wood

by ziggy on September 20, 2012 -- 1 comment -- Follow

White Oak Deck Wood

Our white oak balcony deck floor

It is a wise idea to incorporate rot resistant wood into your outdoor deck, balcony, or porch designs, to ensure a long-lasting, safe floor for years to come.

I’m happy to be finally decking our west balcony so that we can stand out there and enjoy the view, without worry of falling through or tipping the temporary piece of plywood we’d been using. We obtained some nice white oak boards for the occasion, as the balcony is exposed to the weather. The balcony is actually under a substantial roof, but nevertheless, with our occasional big storms, moisture and rot is a concern. We chose thick 1.5″ white oak wood for its excellent rot resistance and strength.

It seems like all the materials that we are using for the house continue to be heavy, even these short 6 foot long white oak boards. That’s because we had them freshly milled, and they still contain a lot of water.

White Oak Deck Wood 02

Very heavy boards…

Anyway, I expect this wood to last a long time, without worry of rot. The roof is the wood’s greatest protection, and I suspect an occasional oiling will help it last longer, too.

Now to get that hammock set up….

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  • Joel

    1.5″ White oak, wow! Regardless of moisture content, those things would be *heavy*. As a guy who really likes to overbuild his projects, I salute you. That deck should last for a long time :0)

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