Rainy Sunday Natural Building Reading

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Canadian Timber Hewing

How to spend a rainy Sunday… when you’re not doing this…

We finally have a day of rain in the forecast for tomorrow — a 100% chance. I will definitely take it. It has been weeks and weeks of drought here. To celebrate, here are a bunch of fun building links. Perhaps you have your own rainy Sunday coming up. Check out these cool natural building and carpentry websites in your time off:

the Carpentry Way : Intense, detailed, very technical Japanese carpentry website. Just check out the latest post on tatami mats and their layout. Whoa.

Giant Cypress : Another nifty blog specializing in Japanese hand tools and their usage

Mud Pond Hewing and Framing : Mike Beaudry’s site dedicated to the craft of hand hewing, old barns, and timber framing

limewindow : Blog dedicated to the beauty and functionality of lime mortar, and the construction of a traditional stone house in Ireland

Tiny House Swoon : Tiny house eye candy, lots of pictures and inspiration


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  • Tuatha

    That LIMEWINDOW site is very compelling, esp the way one can watch the progress from the original old ruin to the current stunning creation.

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