Straw Bale Workshop Photos!

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Earthen Plaster at Straw Bale Workshop

Mo and Rick apply some earthen plaster

We’ve been having a great time during our 2012 Straw Bale Workshop. The students have really taken to working with bales, and most recently, mixing and applying earthen plaster. People just love the mud.

I love working with our students, and again, it will be very sad to see everyone go home. We’ve gotten an incredible amount of work done in just one week.

Straw Bale House - Building Walls

Building up the straw bale walls

We’ve covered everything from modifying and stacking bales, trimming bales, installing flashing details, installing windows and doors (including floating windows), mixing and applying earthen plaster, and mixing and applying lime plaster.

Straw Bale Workshop at Dancing Rabbit

Mark demonstrates some heavy clay straw chinking

Straw Bale Walls

Straw bale walls around main entryway

In these last few days, we are treating our participants to a special surprise (shh), and then going over some interior details, like installing wood window sills and trim, and making niches with a Lancelot grinder attachment.

Straw Bale Building Workshop

April reties some straw bales

Pond liner for living roof

Heaving the pond liner for the living roof

Earthen plaster base coat

Applying the earthen plaster base coat

Straw Bale House Walls

The east wall goes up and up

Straw Bale Building Workshop

Putting in the last straw 'flake' downstairs

Notching Straw Bales

Notching and tying straw bales

Persuader Mallet

Persuader mallet in the light

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