Timber Frame Workshop 2012 Photo Slideshow

by ziggy on June 27, 2012 -- 2 comments -- Follow

Check it out — here is a photo slideshow of our recent Timber Framing Workshop, from the beginning of the class, all the way to our awesome farewell party! What a blast.

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  • Hey Beautiful
    and probably a LOT more practical in terms of heat/moisture/thermal mass control etc than the Cob on the Ground model.
    for your climate…look into the use of SOLAR chimneys as ventilators and natural refrigeration drivers!!(use dampers)..

    Hey I have a new INSULATION technique I’ll offer you to try in one section of your structure. MORE efficient than Light straw(or straw clay) easier to install and CRAZY as a flea on an alligator..

    HERES whatcha do..SAVE all you unrecyclable SOY MILK containers Juice squeese thingys etc that are lined with aluminum mylar.. Save all chip and candy wrappers tea bag bags etc gum wrappers ,cigarette ,and chocolate paper with foil and clean used foil!

    open soy milk containers on one end ,put a loose pack of other shiny stuff inside tape shut with duct tape, THEN when you have sat with a group and amassed this treasure, use these as BRICKS lay them up with a good cob morter inside your typical 2X6 stud-wall, or 2X8 wall if the gap is bigger than say 4 feet it might be advisable to lay them up with a wire backing.. My test wall had 1/2 inch cob over the blocks, a torch applied directly to the wall would not burn the contents, slight blackening was all it did,you could feel NO heat on the other side of the wall.

    on a sunny day the front got up to around 90 the back was still around 59 or 60
    unfortunately, this was before the days of utube so I have no demo tape,but I do have about 10 cubic YARDS of material gathered by myself and my G.F, in one year just stuffing it in the back pocket each day,Imagine what a whole community could collect
    and NONE of that great SHINEY Mylar plastic film is recyclable yet in any way.
    one could also make solar collectors with it.

    This is cutting edge UP cycle take it or ignore it race you to the utube!! Nico

  • Great job! Nice to work as a team. Wish you all lots of great moments, health and joy.

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