John Neeman Hand Forged Broad Axe Arrived!

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John Neeman Tools Broad Axe

A double beveled broad axe from John Neeman Tools

I got excited as a schoolchild the other day when I saw a distinctly shaped package arrive in the mail — my broad axe from John Neeman Tools finally arrived. This hand forged broad axe is truly a piece of artwork.

I’ve yet to actually swing it, so it is safely stored in a place of honor in the house (not in the tool shed, because it is such a wreck right now, and the new shed isn’t finished yet).

My first impressions — wow, it’s really lightweight! It feels very balanced, and just really nice to hold in one’s hands. The edge is amazingly sharp, and looks like a glassy mirror. The attention to detail is fantastic. This is what crafsmanship looks like.

I’ll have more to say once I actually use it, but until then, enjoy these couple of images. Thank you, John and Jacob.

Be sure to check out their hand forged woodworking tools at John Neeman Tools — the shop is not yet fully launched, but they say it will go live soon. Watch out!

Hand Forged Broad Axe

Check out the edge on this John Neeman broad axe

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  • Tonto Goldstein

    A fine looking broad axe. My tye-hacking ancestors in south MO used ones that looked like that to make their living, but had a bevel on one side. Enjoy using it.

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