Plans for Building a Small Tool Shed

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Small 8x12 Tool Shed Design

Our simple 8×12 tool shed

Before we go about proceeding with the construction of the new timber frame & straw bale house, I’m planning on building a small 8×12 tool shed. The current one ain’t cutting it. It’s way too cramped and, quite frankly, it’s not a good design. A cozy shed with enough space to actually walk in and out of is much needed, as is additional storage space for tools, building supplies, and small woodworking projects. Hence the new plans for a small shed. This will actually be the first time I use pre-made building plans to construct something, which I am actually looking forward to.

Small 8×12 Shed Plans

I figured there must be about a million 8×12 sheds and buildings in the world, so why the heck do I have to draw plans for the million-and-first? So I found these free 8×12 plans on Tiny House Design. Not bad. I’ve got an abundance of dimensional lumber (a first for me, thanks to that great building materials auction earlier in the year), and this plan matches up well with what I have on hand.

It’s very simple, and right now that is what I am after. Nothing elaborate, nothing too radical. Just a simple, square tool shed. I’m making a few modifications, but I’m mostly going to follow the plans as they are. (I won’t use any plywood or sheet goods. And my shed will have a small 5 foot deep awning on the east for firewood storage.)

Small Tool Shed Plans

I’m excited about following instructions for a change, in a way. It will be nice to make something quick and simple, and functional. I’m sure we’ll add a little flair, but I’m really after a nice, spacious shed with enough space to store tools adequately. (A very simple luxury….)

Anyway, there ya have it. I will report back on these free Tiny House Design 8×12 plans after I begin construction on the new shed.

Update: The first photo is our shed under construction! Love that cedar siding!

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