Candelight in a Cob House

by ziggy on April 12, 2012 -- 7 comments -- Follow

Agricola Board Game

Playing Agricola by candlelight

When there are a bunch of candles lit in the house, I can’t resist snapping a photo or two. (Partly to see if it’s enough light to actually do so, and partly because I just really like the way it looks.) Here’s a photo from a cool night a few days ago, when we lit a fire and played Agricola (an agriculture-themed board game — pretty neat) by candelight. Fun times!

Our new straw bale house will also be lit exclusively by candlelight, too. That meas more good excuses for me to snap photos at night in the future…

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  • Rosie

    You might want to try olive oil lamps – you can make your own. They are much safer and extinguish if tipped over. Also, they use small amts of oil and are in a jar, so you won’t catch anything on fire by brushing past them.
    Candles are not safe.
    If you have to use candles, at least put them in hurricane cylinder.

  • In nearly three years, I have never had a problem using candles. I agree that the cylinders are a good idea, but I rarely see them for sale at flea markets, etc. The candles, when tipped, also go out.

    A benefit to using candles is that we can make our own using local beeswax, instead of buying oil. Also, oil lamps are kinda stinky.

  • Scott

    What’s the typical life of a candle? I have some beeswax candles as part of an emergency kit, but have never used them. They’re rated at 6 to 8 hours for a 6 in. candle. Do they last this long?
    I’ve built oil lamps-easy to do(old, all metal brake fluid cans are great), and, to me, they smell like movie-theatre popcorn(with peanut oil-that was the oil readily available).

  • Depends on the thickness and length, of course. Ours burn for about 8+ hours and are 10 inches long, I think. They are narrower than the standard taper thickness, though.

  • Buts

    Agricola! I played that a lot 2 years ago. I think they have an expansion or two out already but the core game has more than enough content to last for a good long while. You have to get the little animal meeples!

  • Arnona

    ziggy what about buidling permits and such? I ‘m thinking of area near Shelton, WA.

  • faye woods

    love your house, would love to know more. we are really into cheeeep living.

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