Stylish Modern Straw Bale House Built From Scratch

by ziggy on March 23, 2012 -- 3 comments -- Follow

Straw bale house

I will never cease to appreciate and ogle natural homes built by hand. Pretty spaces warm the heart.

I came across this stylish straw bale house pretty randomly, and was impressed with the unique style — check it out. I think this house is bigger than something I would ever consider building (just based on the sounds of it, and from the look of some of the images. I like to think homes should be kept as small and functional as possible.)

But anyway, inspiring images — check out the stunning timber frame details, the floors, nice lighting, and…. that kitchen — weird! Maybe it’s the angle, but that seems like a funky space — I want to see more of it to understand what is going on there.

I get excited thinking about all of the details that we will eventually put into our own straw bale house, and trying to imagine what the final space will look like, once I’m inside, sitting in the rocking chair, or looking out the window into the greenhouse to see how the plants are faring.

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  • marke

    More photos can be found on their flickr page:

  • marke

    BTW, thanks for the share! Amazing, beautiful home and family!

  • Ron Ferrell

    Ziggy. You a rock (dirt) star. I keep running into folks here in Oklahoma and Austin who know you, or of you.

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