My Cob House in Chinese Fashion Magazine (?!)

by ziggy on March 20, 2012 -- 3 comments -- Follow

grace magazine - cob house

Gobcobatron featured in GRACE of China

The most recent magazine to feature my cob house, Gobcobatron, is Grace of China. It’s kinda like Vogue, I think. But in Chinese. They did a full five pages on us, so maybe mud houses are trendy or something over there? I have no clue what the article says… translation anyone?

Check it out! (Click for large!)

grace magazine - cob house 02

My cob house and some photos I took at Cob Cottage Company

grace magazine - cob house 03

Translation of this, anyone?

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  • Wow! Nice article. When I lived in China I saw plenty of mud homes. I can see why they would be interested in cob.

  • Ron Ferrell

    Translates to H A P P I N E S S

  • Eva

    I love your house! Such an inspiration for me (for when I finally decide to build my own cob house)! I would so much like to visit it, shame I’m a bit too far away…
    Btw, if you still need the translation, e-mail me, and I will translate it for you after my uni exams are over 😉

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