Handmade, Hand Forged Axes: Amazing Blacksmithing Video by John Neeman

by ziggy on March 15, 2012 -- 5 comments -- Follow

John Neeman is a small outfit making stunning quality, hand forged woodworking and timber framing tools in Latvia. Their work is impressive on multiple fronts (including this gorgeous documentary). Very inspiring.

I will have more information about John Neeman tools up in the coming weeks, as they are planning to launch an online store in the near future. (I’ve got a broad axe coming from them, too.)

Yea for traditional skills and blacksmithing!

p.s. Today is the last day to save 20% off the 2012 Timber Framing course! We may even get to use that handmade John Neeman broad axe during the workshop…

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  • tomcat

    tool porn! that was sooo beautiful

  • Hey,
    You might want to check out our friends at Cariboo Blades. They make some pretty sweet tools.

  • JJ

    Thanks for sharing it with all us all. Reminds me of chairmaker Jogn Brown of Wales.
    Good thing some folks care of hand work. Hope you have a nice workshop and will keep looking in for more news.

  • This is so beautiful – all of it! I’m awed.

  • roman

    Man, I spent last hour by watching this again and again. It is so simple and so beautiful.

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