Short Film Shot in Cob House: DOG SHAMAN’s JOURNEY

by ziggy on March 7, 2012 -- 3 comments -- Follow

I had a whole lot of fun a few weeks ago making this short film with April and our dog, Pug (the pug). It’s called DOG SHAMAN’s JOURNEY and features a character we made up over a year ago, Dog Shaman, the small dog whisperer. Err. Maybe you should just watch it, and then you’ll understand.

Anyway, parts of this short film were shot in my cob house, which despite its small size, actually worked out pretty well for a set.

Check it out below.

p.s. Watch in high quality!

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  • marke

    Amazing! Funny! I loved it! Good to see the days of video production are not behind you 🙂

  • Ron Ferrell

    particularly love the snot-shot. sweet video

  • Cool video! Cute pug!

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