My Cob House on Forbes: Cob is a “Wacky” Material

by ziggy on February 18, 2012 -- 1 comment -- Follow

Apparently, cob is a “wacky” material, even though half of the world’s population live or work in earthen structures – ha!

Well, anyway, Forbes has deemed cob “wacky” enough to include in their latest article, Homes Made From Wacky Materials. They’ve got my house in the mix.

p.s There are perhaps no more wacky materials than the industrial, synthetic ones in use in conventional construction today. Talk about far-removed from any identifiable source! Sheesh.

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  • adam

    don’t be offended by the word wacky. Mass media protocol for things outside the “mainstream”: First they call you weird, then they call you unique, Then they start to copy you, then they call you cliche. Natural building is set to go through all of these phases. We shouldn’t be surprised at any of them, and just keep on building…

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